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So I just found out I got the part in Suits! I fly out tomorrow and start filming on Monday! I just wanted to thank you so very much for everything! I cannot tell you how much all your direction, coaching and constant encouragement meant to me over this past week! There is no chance I would have gotten this role if it wasn't for you! I just hope I can bring it without you there on Monday!

Neemish Parekh

I've been crazy busy with so many auditions, I can barely remember who I am half the time... which I guess is a good thing.  Did go to one coach down here, he was super expensive and didn't hold a candle to you...  ;)  You have no idea how wonderful your are. 

Laura Mennell

I just saw Lilah's Killer Women audition. You and Lilah make a great team. You sure know how to bring out her best work. Thank you so much.

Angela Fitzgerald (Lilah Fitzgerald)

You always bring out the best in her!  You are an awesome coach!!!

Michelle Bell (Madison Bell)

We would like to thank you so much for all your help with the Emily Owens sides.
Bruce got the part!! Million Thanks!

Jacqueline Merariu (Bruce Salomon)

Didn’t yet have a chance to let you know but Michelle did book the movie “Killer Among Us” and is very much enjoying her first day on set for this project. Thanks so much for the coaching! It was really nice for her to get another role so quickly after Smart Cookies as it helped to ease the post project funk!

Monique Creber (Michelle Creber)

David (Thomson) knocked it out of the park. Thank you for your continued support of my talent. It makes a big difference when they are working with someone who really cares to help them find the nuances vs just hitting record on the camera. 

Carrie Wheeler, Agent

I am completely in awe of the performance you were able to get out of Katelyn for this part. I have never seen her do work to this level before. I truly hope Katelyn can work with you more in the future, since you obviously can bring out her best work. FYI, they were originally only casting directors for this part in LA and Toronto and just decided to add Vancouver today. Our agent still submitted our tape so they could see it in Hollywood and Katelyn is also going out Friday for the audition. We will let you know if anything more comes of it. Thanks again so much!

Chris Mager (Katelyn Mager)

Zach and I wanted to thank you for helping out last night. Turned out great and we will be sure to let you know if we have to put anything else on tape while we are in town.

Linda Gordon (Zachary Gordon)

Iris, I just wanted to say thank you for all your fantastic coaching. We are so excited that Isaiah was cast in this huge TV series. Thanks to your extra time and effort while working with him, it is greatly appreciated by all of us. All We can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

Shauntele Lehtinen (Isiah Lehtinen)

Iris, Thx for this afternoon's session. As I said, you are definitely one of the best coaches I've worked with - you know what you're doing and you made it a breeze. Thanks also for being so understanding and for getting it back so quickly. I'll look you up next time I'm here. Take care, Idara

Idara Victor

Iris, both my LA manager and agent called me today to tell me how great the auditions on tape were! I told them how wonderful you are. They'd like for me to re-do an audition that I had a friend tape me in my hotel room last week. See you again soon!

Shelley Hennig

Thought I'd let you know. A few weeks back we put Heartland and Shameless on tape in a marathon day. Well, I booked Heartland and will be heading to Calgary straight from New York tomorrow. Madness! AND, I have a callback in LA for Shameless. They want to do a chemistry read with some girls. Gotta jet out of Calgary to go do that, then head back to Calgary.This year is just hilarious. Thank you for always being such a gigantic help. All my success this year has come as a result of your coaching and taping sessions :)

Torrance Coombs

Thank you for the way you support Sophia, you are so encouraging and she just loves working with you! Just thought I'd let you know that Liz sent the tape in this morning and got a call back right away that it's been sent through to the director, so we'll see...

Karen Wik (Sophia Wik)

Just wanted to thank you for seeing Lexey today. She said working with you was "Soooo AWESOME!" She told me that she understands her character and is confident about the role. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Ashley Salvador (Lexey Salvador)

I wanted to let you know that Bridget's audition tape was a hit! The casting director in LA loved your tape of Bridget and has been trying to get her a visa to go down for a screen test. We've been waiting over a week to hear back, but I don't think the visa will come. So a BIG thanks, I know your efforts made all the difference!

Tanya Jeske (Bridget Jeske)

Hi Iris!! Just thought I would let you know that I'm shortlisted for this role!!!! Thanks again for your help, it's between me and another girl. (I'm CCing Shannon in this email too to share the news...Since she's the one that referred me to you)

Shauna Baker

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I can't tell you how much your coachings help me to walk into each audition with confidence and the skill set to get the role. You are an excellent guide and have a great eye for seeing what's working and what's not working. I look forward to many many more coachings - that is until we both have series and are on set all the time. Thanks again Iris. YOU ROCK!!!

Todd Thomson

Hi Doug and Iris, You're such a seamless, and talented team... We are so fortunate to have you both working with our children... Iris what you captured from Emma is magical... we could feel the chemistry between the many characters you created along with Emma... this was truly fun and enjoyable to watch... and Doug your editing polished the final presentation... it gave it such a 'professional' and cinematic feel... Thank you, both

Caren Grabinsky (Emma Grabinsky)